29 Dec 2008 @ 11:41 PM 

So, I seem to have a few moments between server builds and picking up Chinese food from BoBo.  That being said I wanted to open up some conversations on Omaha and cultural and culinary identities.  I know it’s a odd thing, but after taking a few business trips recently, it really got me thinking.  I am brewing up a series called “Omaha Critic on the road”.  Now don’t hold me to it.  I mean as you can tell from my last post… I’m not one to stick to a schedule. 

In this possible series, I am going to cover New York, New Jersey, San Antonio and Chicago food styles and culture.  Not that I am an authority on any of it mind you.  I am merely just a passenger on this planet and a casual people watcher and avid fan of a good meal.

I am going to compare Omaha to Chicago… Neither one, I am going to say is better than the other.  They are… different, in my opinion, but no so very far apart.  I see a lot of the same people, the same attitudes, and the same likes and dislikes between the two cities.  But as I sat in the passenger seat of a good friend’s car, whizzing through the streets of Chicago, I was awestruck by the signs of holiday cheer.  Almost every house I passed by was light up, people were dressed up and singing and making merriment, the likes of which I had not seen in years.  It was almost Rockwell-esque, having women serenade me with Christmas carols in the Chicago airport.  The Zoo in downtown Chicago had to have used more power than all of Omaha with the lights and displays.  Everyone’s attitude was contagious and made my soul warm, remembering the excitement of Christmas, just like I felt when I was a kid.

Don’t get me wrong… Coming home, seeing that Omaha sky-line lifted my spirits more than any Holiday festival, knowing I was home with family, but I was amazed at how the people of Chicago came together to celebrate a season. 

So… Where, as a community, want to take this city?  I say to a place of celebration and camaraderie; A place of community and togetherness.  I  say lets all get together and celebrate that which makes Omaha… Omaha.

Season’s Greetings!

~The Omaha Critic

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  1. Rusty says:

    I’m not sure if we have an indentiy as far as food goes in the order of say, KC, New Orleans, or Memphis.

    I think we’re a lot closer to cities like New York and San Fransisco in the sense that there are so many varieties that we can’t really be defined by anything other than magnitude. The competition here makes for quaility and quantity. But, I don’t think there is anything that sets us apart. If I could pick out any one thing from my experience, it would be that the level of service is better here than most places. Everyone is battling for the same dollar, and it breeds some pretty feirce competition.

  2. RT Croft says:

    I really enjoyed reading your site… Myself, my girlfriend, a close friend from high school (16 years ago) and his girlfriend also have a “Omaha Foodie” site. For about 3 years now we have rated Omahas offerings at http://www.HITWDC.com, (Hole In The Wall Dinner Club). we love doing it & love the feedback… We are also open to any “constructive critisim” about the site… So please check us out, and give us a link if you would like!

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