28 Feb 2008 @ 7:13 PM 

Ok, I have to admit it: I sometimes succumb to being a creature of convenience.  This has at times gotten me into some serious trouble.  This week is one of those times.

We have a “submarine” sandwich shop that comes to our office early in the week.  They set up shop in the commons area of our office building.  In the past, I have noticed that few people actually eat their food.  Some nerdy kid sits out at a table reading a book while people come up and order soup, salads, or sandwiches.  The buy puts some meat and cheese on it and hands it back and it’s self serve for “toppings”.  I have seen that they do not use proper refrigeration, their cooler is disgusting, and to top it off they use a crockpot for soups and they actually set the lid, food facing side, down on the floor as they served.  I stood there shocked and vowed that I would never eat there again. 

Someone call foul now.  Being at work, sometimes we get behind or in a rush.  It was convenient and I didn’t have to leave.  BAD IDEA!

I ordered a sandwich thinking that I would be ok.  I put tomatoes on it and mustard.  That is it.  About 15 minutes after consuming said sandwich, I began to feel funny.  Within an hour I was sick as a dog.  I have been sick for days.  Last night at dinner, I finally ate (and kept down) solid food.

The moral of this story is this: Don’t just eat it because it’s convenient and easy.  Take some care in what you put in your mouth.  It could save you hours, if not days of down time when you were trying to save 45 minutes.  Don’t be a food lemming and jump off that cliff.


~The Omaha Critic.

Posted By: The Omaha Critic
Last Edit: 28 Feb 2008 @ 07:13 PM

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