16 Feb 2011 @ 4:49 AM 

Hey everybody. Hope everyone is not getting to worked up over the nice weather we are getting. The worst part about spring peeking around the corner is the possiblility of a blizzard. Anyway, this is Chef Paul and I really have wanted to post some eatery experiences. I go out to eat very little. Unless it is something quick. My fiancee and I splurge once in awhile at Smashburger. I freaking love everything about the place except I wish they had fresh cut fries, the kind served at Broncos. Tip: the one on “L” Street is better. Just like everyone else I am pinching pennies. Dinner at home is one of my favorites, a steak on the grill, butter roasted lobster and a cold beer in my hand. I know that this site and many other sites are about eating at restaurants, but we all like good food and probably prepare some damn good stuff at home. Can we share some of those things?

I can’t wait for the warmer weather and what everyone is eating!

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