25 Mar 2010 @ 9:50 PM 

So last week, I ran out to get Pizza for my team.  I picked up the Valentino’s first then ran out to the Pizza Gourmet on 120th and Gyles… I race back to the office so that everyone can have pizza that at least resembles hot.  I get into the break room, print out the review forms and set up the pizzas for serving.  Set the plates out and napkins, grabbed a slice of Val’s and TPG’s and sit myself down.  I bit into the Val’s and was pleasantly surprised.  It didn’t suck.  Normally when I eat Val’s it’s coming off of their buffet and leave a lot to be desired.  I bit into The Pizza Gourmet’s pizza and was impressed.  It was good.  I started writing down my score…  Talking to my co-workers, it seemed that The Pizza Gourmet had won….

WRONG… Valentino’s put the smack down on TPG… I sat at my desk tabulating the score with my jaw hanging open.  I was so shocked, I called my boss over to verify it.  The score was very skewed to the Val’s side.  Only 30% of the votes went to TPG and 15% of that was mine.

So… the scores were: Valentino’s – 3.12 (Yuk of 2) and The Pizza Gourmet – 2.613 (Yuk of 1.6).  It was the first time a contender had a lower yuk score and lost.  I mean come on.. I was blown away… but these are committees doing the judging… it’s not just my personal choice.

So now we start the play-offs.


Posted By: The Omaha Critic
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  1. Turd Ferguson says:

    I’m starting to wonder about your coworkers. Some of them sound like they should be running for mayor rather than judging a pizza contest.

    I think you should get as many to volunteer as possible and get a profile of each…before the contest, my favorite pizza was; my favorite restaurant is; etc.

    It would be nice to see what the foundation for these decisions are. I anticipate Totino’s and Long John Silver will figure prominently in their bio’s.

    And for the record, Pitch and Shucks work for me.

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