11 Mar 2010 @ 10:10 PM 

This week’s battle pitted Sam & Louie’s vs. Roman Coin in a week 6 grudge match.

Ok, it wasn’t much of a grudge match as it was a land slide.  So far, this has been the biggest point spread in the contest.  In the past contests, it has always been within a point… usually .5 or .6 of a point.  This week… Well… See for yourself:

Sam & Louie’s

Roman Coin



(Yuk of 3.5)

(Yuk of 1.6)

So as you can see, Roman Coin has taken this in a land slide.

Comments include:

“I was underwhelmed by Sam & Louie’s.  The sauce was very thin and there was hardly any cheese or beef on it.”
“Roman Coin had awesome flavor and the crust was spot on!”
“Sam & Louie’s had good crust, but their sauce and toppings were sub-par!”

Thanks for playing!

My Comments:  I just started a low carb diet this week and I reserved myself to tasting the crust off a small piece and scraping the top off and eating it. (The top, not the crust) Well, I took a bite of the Roman Coin, I was well pleased.  I have eaten their specialty pizza (Buffalo Chicken) before and have loved it.  As a matter of fact, if you see my “Best of” page… you will see Roman Coin is my favorite pizza in Omaha.  So then I wnt for the Sam & Louie’s… I took a bit of the crust and was immediately put off as it was under done.  Then looking at it… the thin cheese and thin sauce make it look like the pizza was covered in slime, not cheese.  I bit into it, picked at the sparse toppings and decided that the best place for it was the trash.  I was actually wishing it was at least Sgt Peffers… It was hands down the lowest I have personally rated a pizza in this whole Super Bowl of Pizza thing.

I would have to say that Roman Coin is my “Hiro” of Omaha Pizza.


Posted By: The Omaha Critic
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  1. Tim Alexander says:

    You might want to catagorize this under the pizza super bowl section. Just FYI.

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