12 Feb 2010 @ 7:29 PM 

Week 3!


Your tasters have indulged and have chosen a winner…

Mama’s Pizza

Johnny Sortino’s



 Johnny Sortino’s holds off Mama’s

Mamma’s Pizza scored a grand total of 116 points while Johnny Sortino’s edged them out with 121.  Yuk Factor for Johnny Sortino’s was a whopping 2.22 while Mama’s oozed further down in the overall score with a rating of 2.77…

 Long live the pie and on to week 4!!!

Random comments:

“Pepperoni was somewhat close, but in hamburger, Mama’s sucked.”

“Mama’s was burnt. (Next portion was edited because of content talking about the less than appealing appearance.) Too much hamburger.  Pepperoni was pretty.  Johnny’s – liked the flavor of the beef and crust.”

“Couldn’t finish the Mama’s beef slice.  Flavorless sauce and bad tasting beef.  Sortino’s tasted good but a bit low on the quantity of Pepperoni.  Beef was good Quantity.”

Now none of those were my comments, just random comments taken from the sheets that came back from rating. 

This week, I was pleasantly surprised.  I actually thought that they were both good and the best week so far for Pizza.  There was plenty of flavor and toppings and pizza to go around.  Everything was fresh and the sauce from both, in my opinion, had some zing.  I was rooting for Johnny Sortino’s all the way… but I didn’t tell anyone this week for fear they would vote the other way for the third straight week.  Normally at Johnny’s I get the Supreme (everything on it) with extra cheese.  After a few slices you fall into a deep coma… Good stuff.  I am excited, because today, even though it lost, I was able to try a new place.  Mama’s, you lost by 5 points.  I think that you have some awesome potential and a good Pizza.  I think Sortino’s was just a hair better.  I think that if you could have not burned the crust, you may have won.

~The Omaha Critic

Posted By: The Omaha Critic
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  1. Turd Ferguson says:

    I have a sinking feeling that Pizza Hut is going to end up coming in and taking the grand prize. Or CiCi’s. Or maybe a McRib the way these tastings appear to be going.

    I mean seriously–has there been any positive comments about any of these pizzas so far?

    Maybe this should be renamed the Subpar Bowl of Pizza.

    Signed: Disappointed Native Son of Omaha


  2. You’re making me wonder, Turd, which pizza you consider the best in Omaha?

  3. OmahaChef says:

    So far I feel your pizza ratings are pretty accurate. The 1020 is not a pizzaria but we do have pizza and I feel very good. Should try to give it a shot. Totally off the subject I put my notorious fish tacos on the special menu every day through lent. Oh and mahi fish and chips. Fries are triple cooked, a sour dough batter for the fish served with a remoulade.

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