05 Feb 2010 @ 7:06 PM 

You have again picked a winner!!!

 With an average score of 3.002525253….. and a YUK Score of 2.25  DON CARMELO’S PIZZA!!!!

 With an average score of 2.604651163….. and a YUK score of 3.25  FRANK’S PIZZA!!!!

 My co-workers have chosen Don Carmelo’s Pizza in a head to head challenge in week 2.  


Frank’s Pizza

Don Carmelo’s

Average Score



Average Yuk



Total Score



 Comments from 3 random comments:

“The size of Franks was better, but without a doubt Don Carmelo’s out scored in all categories but ‘YUK’.”

“They Both Taste Pretty Bad, but Don Carmelo’s is much better.  The Spice on Franks made it really bad.”

“Don’s pizza is much smaller than Frank’s.  I also didn’t have any Sauce on Don’’s”

Now… I have to weigh in on the subject.  I am a HUGE Fran’s fan.  I personally feel that it has been the best pizza in town… but lately… something has happened to the sauce…  It’s gotten a little weak.  It used to be strong and well spiced… now it’s too bright and doesnt have any zing.  I’m sorry guys… you are still my favorite and my go-to pizza place… but I need more out of you.

~The Omaha Critic

Posted By: The Omaha Critic
Last Edit: 05 Feb 2010 @ 07:08 PM



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  1. Jamie says:

    I am enjoying your Super Bowl of pizza. We are looking for the best pizza in town too. I have never had Frank’s pizza, but on a whim my husband and I stopped by Don Carmelo’s. I was loured in by the “New York-style Pizza” claim. We were really disappointed by Don Carmelo’s and felt like we over paid.

  2. Turd Ferguson says:

    Do all of your co-workers suffer from Ageusia? (look it up)

  3. HAH! Turd, that made me literally LOL. I think the Critic was shocked as well, as Frank’s is one of his favs!

  4. Tim says:

    My favorite pizza in town would be La Casa’s Hamburger & Onion with Romano. I’ve never had a cheese or pep there. Zio’s was great years ago but, for a long time now, they just don’t keep their oven hot enough to get a non-droopy crust. Or perhaps Zio’s toppings and sauce are just too “wet.”

    Never had Franks or Don Carmelo’s. If you review Mama’s please go to the one on Saddlecreek and not the one out West.

    P.S. I love Big Fred’s pizza. Not because it is good, but because I have fond memories of swim team victory dinners and family gatherings.

  5. Tim – I’m the same way about Big Fred’s! It’s definitely my family’s nostalgic favorite. Every time family comes in from out of town, that’s the first stop!

  6. Derek E says:

    Nice job TOC! Like the concept of a pizza tournament like this 🙂

    Food & Spirits Magazine did something like this about a year ago, but in a different format (more like a festival competition). Here’s their coverage on their website:

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