31 Aug 2007 @ 1:58 AM 

After much begging by my friends and co-workers: Hiro Sushi (130th & Maple) 

Sushi or not Sushi…..

That is the typical question that we ask ourselves every Friday and Saturday night.  Hiro Sushi and Sake or Hiro and Mountain Dew….

Normally, one would have a white wine or sake with Sushi.  I have found this to be problematic as I don’t think that I’m a big white wine fan. (Unless I have a nice cheese, pate, and a big ice cold bottle of Piesporter Michelsberg.)  I like the occasional “Kita” before I have my sushi, but for during the meal, it just doesn’t work for me.  Ok, you hard core sushi fans, have you ever HAD Dew with your sushi?  Try it after having a heavily “wasabi’d” piece with a little soy; The flavors just kind of meld together.  It’s wonderful.

That being said, I tend to drag the family along so I can stuff my face with various forms of fish.  I have been to most every other Sushi place in town.  I have never been as happy with them as I am with Hiro.  The overall consistency of flavor, quality, atmosphere, and fish have been solid every time I have been there.  Ok, well, during that last heat wave the AC couldn’t keep up, but past that it has been solid.  Today I again indulged in my favorite thing on the standard menu: White tuna sashimi.  Yes kiddies, that is raw fish for the sake of raw fish.  Understand something: It has a very delicate texture but is backed with flavor.  When white tuna is coupled with soy and some wasabi, the flavor just… it… It is a nice salty experience.  Can you tell I like white tuna?

My favorite above all others is the “white salmon”.  They get it in very rarely.  The owners like to bring in new and interesting fish to see how it sells.  They had a load of this in and I swear I could have eaten the whole shipment. 

Now when it comes to service, I am very picky.  I have my tastes and expectations of what service should be.  My glass should never be empty of whatever it is I am drinking, I don’t want to sit around looking at dirty dishes, I don’t want to sit and wait forever for you to come and greet me and get me my drink order, and most of all, I don’t want to sit around waiting for my flipping check.  Nothing makes a tip go down faster than me sitting waiting for you to either bring me my bill or return with my credit card.


*plays sound of a toilet flushing*


I am happy to say that I have really never had that problem at Hiro.  Has it taken longer than I’d like?  Yes, but it has never taken way too long.  (Since I typically go during happy hour, the waiters are working their rear ends off so I understand.)  Now none of the wait staff is bad.  No matter who you have, the owners will still come by and check on you and make sure that they are taking care of you.  I have my favorites however.  If you go, you should find one waiter you are fond of and stick with them.  It would also be good to find a backup.  Whenever I go, Sammy’s the guy.  We walk in and immediately see who is working.  If Sammy’s there we wave him down. Sometimes our drink order is to the table before we are.  He knows us very well. There is other wait staff of fantastic quality; they are “Rusty” and “John” who I would honestly put on par with Sammy, I have had A+ service out of them both.  I have just been doing business with Sammy for so long… he’s just “got it”.  The waitress I had today was good.  She’s new and if she keeps it up will be very good.  My drink was never empty, she was prompt with the check, and made sure to check on us regularly. GREAT JOB!

Overall impression:  Hiro is consistent.  Top quality food, great atmosphere, traditional sushi, they let the fish speak for its self.  They have a Chinese kitchen as well that makes the best peanut butter chicken on the planet.  It is an Omaha “Must Have”.

Plusses: Freshest fish in town.  One of the owners picks it up from the airport himself and will refuse it if it’s not just right. The service is “fabu”!  The décor is simple yet elegant.  I really enjoy myself.  HAPPY HOUR! (Half price rolls!)

Minuses: Happy hour has been invaded!  It’s PACKED from 10PM – 12PM.  On hot days, the AC can’t keep up.  They need more tables (Or just one for us!)

~The Omaha Critic

P.s. Hey parents, the rocks are cool, but keep your kids out of them! It’s a decoration, not a sand box. (Oops, was that in my out loud voice?)

Posted By: The Omaha Critic
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