30 Nov 2009 @ 10:03 PM 

Hey critics,

Paul here from SDT. Yeah I had to shut the doors. Jan and Feb were freaking BAD! Got a new gig in Dundee, “The 1020″ might want to check it out sometime. American Italian fare.

Posted By: The Omaha Critic
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  1. So does this mean you can hook us up with SDT Fish Tacos there? This is me Jonesing…


  2. We got some darn good Italian-American fare. Just got to give it a try. I hope to have a Mexican spot again someday just keep on the look out.
    Chef Paul

  3. Michael says:

    I recently ate at the 1020 in Dundee and I would have to say that the food was unimpressive at best. I decided to visit the restaurant after a good review was written in the paper for 1020. I ordered the calamari which was too salty and greasy and the sauce was way too heavy. A mayonnaise sauce? Really? In the end I couldn’t finish the appetizer as it was unpalatable to me. Moving to the main course (chicken parmesan) I felt that I could have done better. Now I don’t have any professional culinary training but I can hold my own in the kitchen. I hold the opinion that if I can do as good or better in making the meal that I ordered than it’s a fail on the restaurant’s part. I don’t mean to bash 1020 and this is my opinion. I guess that I just feel let down by the quality of food in Omaha in general.

  4. I don’t know Michael. If I held all restaurants to that standard (if my husband or I can do better, then they fail), there are a lot of restaurants in this town that we couldn’t give a good rating! BUT – that’s just because my husband is a DARN good cook!

    I haven’t been to 1020, so I can’t speak for the quality of the food, other than to say we’ve always been thrilled with Paul’s creations in the past.

    I’m trying to think back though…we order calamari a lot, because OC is pretty fond of it. I think we get it with a mayonnaise sauce quite often. I’m thinking it’s generally either that or a marinara type sauce. I don’t know – I’m going based on my own experiences there.

    Have you ever given Espana a try? I’m looking forward to trying their calamari (and many of their other dishes as well!).

  5. OmahaChef says:


    Sorry for your disappointment with The 1020. It is true that calamari is classically served with an aioli or remoulade or marinara. There is a restaurant in NYC that serves there calamari similar to the way we are and they have been one of the top restaurants in the city for about twenty years.

    The chicken parmesan? What did you not like about it? We pound it to uniform thickness; brine the breast and a standard breading process with seasoned sourdough bread crumbs and parmesan. Topped with a little marinara and Parmigiano reggiano. We use to serve it with a mélange of veggies with olive tepenade and polenta or some other starch.

    I don’t judge a restaurant on just one visit. For the main reason that maybe they had an off night or there is something that is on the menu I will love. I have dined and worked at some great places. Not to mention eating my way through many diners, street vendors, multiple stared establishments and more, which to build my palate. I understand that everyone haves their own opinion and I am just going to keep on cooking the way I do. That is all every chef can do. It is just like someone liking McDonalds and disliking Burger king. Every one and every place haves there own recipes. It is what keeps the dining experience interesting.

  6. Hey OmahaChef, How am I going to be able to review this place since you know me? It will be obvious when I walk in. 😉 I would wear a mask but then they would think I’m robbing the place.

    ~The Omaha Critic.

  7. OmahaChef says:

    Critic, Just do as you always do. I am in the kitchen 90% of the time anyway. A mask would be a bad idea maybe a wig and sunglasses.
    Omaha Chef

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