23 Jun 2009 @ 7:38 PM 

Ok, I will admit we are big Food Network watchers in this house.  The Omaha Critic and I both love to cook, and inevitably on the weekend we end up watching something that makes us drool with food lust.  Often, that comes from Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Guy was in Omaha at some point in the last year or two, and one of the places he covered was California Taco, on 30th and California.  After seeing it on tv, The Critic and I decided that one of these days we’d have to make it down there.  Well, we tried last weekend.  Sadly, we arrived right before 9 PM when the restaurant closed.  However, the guy at the door was nice enough to let us in to place a quick order to go – and thinking quickly on our feet, we ordered some beef puffy tacos – I think they’re referred to as california tacos on the menu.

The puffy taco itself is a piece of flatbread stuffed with taco meat and deep fried, after which they add lettuce and cheese.  In our to-go bag, they also included cups of red salsa and green salsa, to add a little extra flavor.

After waiting maybe 10 minutes, our order of 4 puffy tacos was handed off, and we headed out to the car, wishing we’d been there early enough to try the chimichangas and other treats on the menu.  Alas, we will have to visit again sometime in the future!

I will say, we both enjoyed the tacos.  Without the sauces, they were a little bland for our liking.  I liked the addition of the red salsa to the tacos, where The Omaha Critic preferred the heat of the green salsa.  The tacos were a good size and flavorful, and all in all, we both thought they were good.  The price?  It’s a little high perhaps for what it is and the location, but that’s based on The Omaha Critic’s Texas roots.

Pluses:  The food was good.  It didn’t take a long time, and thankfully, they still let us order as they were closing the doors.

Minuses:  It’s a little pricey for what it is, but it was still pretty good.

Overall Impression:  The puffy tacos weren’t enough to sell us on this being one of our favorites.  They were, however, enough to get us to want to go back and try more of the menu.  All in all?  I’m going to give it four french fries.  With salt and red salsa, Baby.

~~The Critical Wife

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  1. Rusty says:

    I’ve heard so many things about this place, mostly good, that I feel like I’m breaking a law by having not been there. This puts me over the edge. Don’t care if it’s downtown, lunch is set for tomorrow!

    By the way, love the new layout. Friggity-fresh.

  2. Matt says:

    You misssed out by not having the chimis, enchiladas, or fish tacos; all are awesome!

  3. Virgnia says:

    I have to agree wtih your take on California Taco. I used to go there before it was on TV and I thought the tacos were good, but for the price not the best. If you are going straight on price with the equal taste of California Taco, I prefer South Omaha’s GI Forum’s Dollar Tacos on Thursdays. I used to go there for lunch on Thursday’s and there was a wait. I recommend their Chili. Great cheap food.

  4. Ok, I have a REAL goofy question…. Don’t you have to be Military or Ex-Military to eat there? I have always heard about people going there and getting great food cheap, but I was never sure and was affraid to ask my friends. So… what’s the scoop? Anyone want to take a Critic to the G.I. Forum?

  5. Rick says:

    What’s up with Guy Fieri and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives not visiting Colorado yet? He’s

    been to Alaska and Hawaii so maybe he’s got a beef with Colorado or something. Either way,

    the show keeps small business going so keep up the good work my man.

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