21 Aug 2007 @ 4:35 AM 

Oh, my review of Tanduri Fusion….

I would like to thank whoever purchased it from the previous owners.  I had eaten there several months back and wasn’t impressed.  Don’t bet me wrong, it wasn’t bad, but they had set it up buffet style and the staff acted as if it was a privilege for them to serve us.  They weren’t rude, but come on…. I’m paying good money for this. Now, fast forward {insert screeching sound here} to August 2007.  Oh my god.  I think that I have found the one place that could usurp my all time favorite Sushi place in Omaha for the best food. 

I have a rather eclectic pallet… Very worldly, (at least I like to tell myself) and I like a wide variety of flavors.   There are only a few things that are “Off my Radar”.  Tandoor Fusion was spot on.  I am a big lover of lamb… and T.F. (Tanduri Fusion) made the most succulent grilled lamb I have had the pleasure of eating.  I left there happy as I could have been.  The service was FANTASTIC and our server got a good tip.  (Is 20-25% good?)  I talked to who I thought was part of the management about what my feelings were with the establishment and apparently the lineage is descended from Jaipur, another Omaha area Indian food restaurant.  I have to say, I ate at Jaipur, and I am very happy to say that Tanduri Fusion knocked it out of the park!

Overall impression: I was impressed with the decor, it was rather tasteful and had a Dheli pub feel to it.  The tables were a little small, but then again, I am a big guy.  The wait staff and management were friendly and helpful.  The service was fantastic and the food was second to none.  (I think I will go eat leftovers now!)

Plusses: AWESOME FOOD! AWESOME SERVICE! GREAT DECOR!  I can’t say enough good things about the place.

Minuses: It’s on the side of the freaking building and hard to spot.  It’s on the West side of the shopping center where Gordman’s and Bakers is located.

~The Omaha Critic

Posted By: The Omaha Critic
Last Edit: 22 Aug 2007 @ 03:53 AM

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