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You cannot have lived in Omaha without hearing SOMETHING about the Bohemian Cafe.  Good, bad, or indifferent… someone has said or mentioned it to you some time.  The place is an Omaha Land Mark. (I expect the mayor, with me now having said that, will move to mow it down to put up a new arena style bird watching park or something.)

This is a grand old girl that has been a part of the Omaha experience longer…. Much longer than I have. ;) 

You walk in  to the Bohemian Cafe and immediately you get immersed in the antique bottles on the wall of various types of liquor.  So many varieties of bottles and brews that I lost myself in a vision of old German men in lederhosen sipping these things dry in front of some cottage.  The woodwork on the walls was intricate and screamed craftsmanship and pride.  We were immediately sat and presented with water glasses and then our waiter came and took our drink order.  Off he went.

My wife and I looked around and noticed that there was a real lack of “new blood” in this place.  The clientel was generally older than I would have hoped.  That being said, I guess, I am hoping that some of my readers would re-explore this old-school gem of Omaha culinary fare. 

Soon our drinks arrived and our waiter took our order.  I had the Jaeger Schnitzel and my wife had the Svickova, a Czech Style Sauer Braten.  My wife and I also ordered the liver dumpling soup while the kids had the chicken noodle.  Our waiter was off in a flash, put in our order and came back with bread and butter.  I have to say that typically, I have bad luck with waiters (male) except for at Hiro (HA!  Gotcha Rusty!).  Typically waiters are slow, or talk to much or generally just aren’t attentive to their customers.  I found one that was awesome.  Drinks always full, made no excuses for something wrong, just went and made it right.  He tried to anticipate our needs and made sure that if he could get to us, he sent someone.  I feel bad for not getting his name.  If you go there, it’s the tall guy with the buzz cut hair.

Our soup came out and it was, like I always remembered it.  This absolutely delicious broth with this lead ball of liver dumpling in it.  This thing is so dense that it gives dark matter a run for it’s money.  The thing is soooo good.  I dipped my rye bread into the broth and was in hog heaven.  Not too salty, no intense… it was just right.  (Do I look like Goldilocks?)

After our soup, our main course came out and my Faeger Schnitzel is done to perfection.  What is it you ask?  (From Bohemian Cafe’s Menu:) Why it’s Selected veal steak sautéed in wine sauce and imported herbs, served with mushrooms.  *smacks lips*  it came with “dumplings” and sauerkraut.  I have to say, cooked meat with gravy, no matter what kind of gravy has to be the comfort foods of all comfort foods.  Chicken fried steak… pot roast… stewed chicken… boiled yak with frog gravy.. my god… It just makes me happy… so to get this juggernaught of comfort food placed in front of me, made me so happy. I dug in like a ravenous animal.  It was so good.  The gravy on this meat was so flavorful and when mixed with the meat, sauerkraut, and dumpling.. I thought I was in heaven.  It’s my old world pallet coming through I guess. 

The sauerkraut, was nothing like you get out of a jar or can.  It was creamy and smooth and didn’t have near the bite.  This was a truly savory accompaniment to the plate, and didn’t overpower.  I was quite delighted. 

After dinner we sampled the desserts: Apple Strudel and a Bavarian Kolacky.  I have eaten Strudel before, so this was no stretch… When I bit into the Kolacky though… I thought my mouth was going to jump off my face and get frisky with my dessert.  It was so delicious.  I wanted to stay and have more and more.  Let’s face it.  I REALLY enjoyed my experience.  It was everything I had remembered it being.

Plusses – The service was top notch.  The bathrooms were spotless.  The food was exactly as it should be.  it was fresh and tasty.  The Liver Dumpling soup reminded me of something my grandmother used to make.

Minuses – Location.  This place is on 13th street right between the Zoo and Downtown, so there is no direct interstate access.  Parking is across the street, and the drunk hanging out in the front took away from it a bit.

Overall Impression – This is an Omaha Classic.  This place is our history and needs to be visited time and time again.  Go RE-DISCOVER this gem in the Crown of Omaha!

~The Omaha Critic

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