28 Sep 2007 @ 8:00 PM 

Blue Sushi 144th and Maple(ish)

Here I am again, writing about a Sushi place.  I love Sushi! Sushi! Sushi!  I can’t get enough.  Well.. Ok, perhaps I can, but don’t tell anyone.

So the other day, I had decided to take my wife to a late lunch at a local sushi bar.  Unfortunately that sushi bar was closed from 2pm – 5pm.  No big deal, we have a few Sushi places in Omaha that I.. like. (I say that knowing darn well who my favorite is!)  So we decided that Blue would make a comparable substitute.. We were only going for lunch, it was 2:15 in the afternoon.. It should be fine right?  Not busy?  One would think; right?

So we pull up to Blue.  Blue has been the “Trendy” Sushi place in Omaha for the past few years.  I remember trying to get in and the wait was 2 hours.  People were lined up outside waiting to get in.  It had to be doing something right.  That being said, we went there.  As soon as we walk in, we notice that the place is empty, save for one table with a man that was finishing his food.  That was it.  So the hostess looks over at us, and walks to the bar and talks to the Sushi chef (I suspect she was putting in a to-go order.) and eventually came to seat us.  We took the table right behind the fountain and began to look over the menu.

There are few things about Blue that really stand out. The first thing you notice in the place is the fountain.  It’s predominate position as you walk in, tries to set the stage.  This place is crisp, trendy, and modern.  The shelves behind the sushi bar are huge and there is a saltwater tank where the fish swim behind (and above) the chefs.  The walls are bright and give the place a summer air to it.  I have yet to see a waitress that wasn’t “eye-candy”.  Come to think of it, I have never seen a waiter there; Just waitresses.

When I go to Blue, there are always 2 things that I get: The Crunchy Blue and an order of Blue Balls.  The Crunchy Blue is shredded crabmeat, cilantro, eel sauce (mixed up) and then wrapped in nori and rice and coated in sweet panko bread crumbs.  Top it off with a drizzle of more eel sauce.  *ping!* It’s very tasty.  Next is the Blue Balls:  The same crab, eel sauce, and cilantro mixture, wrapped in nori, (like a little happy burrito) then dipped in tempura batter and deep fried.  They cut it on a bias, stack 4 pieces on a plate, and drizzle the eel sauce again.  Darn it’s good! 

So I get my “usual”, an order of Tuna sashimi, my obligatory Mountain Dew, and an order of sweet chili prawns.  My wife orders a few different rolls as well and we begin the wait.  The wait for the prawns wasn’t too bad.  I was very impressed with the presentation.  There were 3 giant prawns that were battered and fried, then stacked and doused in sweet chili sauce.  This was the bomb.  I think my mouth did summersaults.  My wife and I really enjoyed it.  After a while, we had finished that off and I was debating licking the plate, when my wife and I noticed there were a few gnats flying around as well as some flies.  When our sushi came, it was followed by a swarm of insects.  Every few seconds I would either kill a gnat or shoo away flies.  My wife and I noticed that there were no less than 2 flies or gnats on every table.  The place isn’t that big.  You can see almost every table in the main dining area when you’re in there.

As my wife and I ate, we became more and more inundated with flies.  I bathe people!  My wife bathes!  Flies were everywhere.  One of the rolls that my wife had was sprinkled with black sesame seeds, and as the bugs swarmed us, she looked down and noticed that the sesame seeds looked like gnats.  She pushed her plate back and was done.  We had to call the waitress over so we could get our check and a to-go container and we high-tailed it out of there.  The dogs were happy when we got home.  They ate well that day.

Overall impression: I used to be a Blue fan until it became trendy and the sushi quality suffered.  I have yet to have speedy service by an intelligent person there.  I think the staff is hired by how tight their shirt is, not by the merit of their skills.  They always seem to be more interested in goofing off in back than getting my food to me.  Unfortunately, the whole fly thing threw me off.  When I left, my stomach turned thinking about it.  They would have had a much higher rating if there were no flies because the Sushi was really good this time.

Plusses:  The sushi was beautiful.  The Sweet Chili Prawns were to die for.  The Blue Balls and Crunchy blue was great!

Minuses: Slow service, dirty silverware, the sashimi was small, and I can not even begin to say how grossed out I was by the flies.

~The Omaha Critic

Posted By: The Omaha Critic
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