08 Apr 2010 @ 10:07 PM 

So here’s the thing.  The Critic and I eat out a lot.  We have a large brood, so therefore, the places we tend to frequent are those that are family-friendly.  We place a very high level of importance on “FAMILY FRIENDLY”.  (Which is not to say we don’t love to sneak away to decidedly grown-up establishments like Le Voltaire every chance we get, but THAT is another post!)

One of the restaurants we have frequented for many, many years is King Kong fast food.  I am not going to link to that restaurant, because as of this moment, I will not give that restaurant another PENNY of our hard-earned money.  While the establishment prides themselves on gigantic burgers and gyros, their claim to be a “Family oriented” restaurant (it says so right on their website!) could not have been further from the truth based on our experience today.

SO I’m not going to talk about their food, or their cute little gorillas outside, or their stuffed animals inside.  Instead I am going to relay to you exactly what happened to us this afternoon, at approximately 4:15 pm, when a friend and I decided to take our daughters to King Kong for burgers and gyros after a day at the zoo.  (If you’re local – you’ll know exactly which King Kong we were at, since it’s RIGHT THERE by the zoo.) 

We ordered our food, and sat down.  My friend and I, both women in our thirties, were there with four of our daughters, who ranged in age from 16 to 1.  Apparently it was “teach each other Spanish cuss words day” behind the counter, as the staff behind the counter kept shouting things such as “puta madre!”, and other curse phrases.  My friend and I kept trying to give them the motherly glare, and my friend even at one point yelled “Shut up!  We can hear you!”

Well, this was not enough to get the potty-mouths behind the counter to stop, and my 16-year-old, who had heard enough, stood up and went to the counter.  She told the guys we could hear them, and that we DO understand what they are saying.  The guy behind the counter said “SO?”  She explained to him that there are CHILDREN present, and they UNDERSTAND what those words mean.  The guy behind the counter (apparently the manager?) says “Ok”, and as my SIXTEEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER turned away, he called her a bitch. 


I don’t know about you, but I do not find that terribly family oriented. 

And we WILL NOT spend another penny there.  EVER. 

If you want gyros?  My first pick is Jim & Jennie’s Greek Village.  Greek Islands (who doesn’t have a website), or Feta’s are good too. 

Burgers?  Dude, there’s a million places, but I’m LOVING Smashburger lately.

Just do me a favor…don’t take your kids to King Kong unless you want them to walk away knowing how to say “mother f—er” in Spanish.

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 27 Mar 2009 @ 5:40 PM 

Ok, so much for the stupid title.  Bella’s is a little Greek fast food place serving up Gyros, Burgers, Salads, and Philly Sandwiches.  They have more than that too… Just check out their website. 

That being said, I have been in and out of Bella’s as well as through their drive through.   They have a very small dining room, with booths and a bar with stools at the window for those on the go.   Now I don’t have one specific experience that I’m writing about here, since my wife has lived off of Bella’s for the majority of her pregnancy.  She’s brought me home Gyro salad after salad and burgers galore.  I have never once had an item from Bella’s that left me feeling like I got a mediocre meal or not worth what I paid.  I love their cheese burgers I have to say.  Honestly though… I have been eating a ton of their gyro meat salads.  I’m doing the whole low-carb thing and meat and lettuce work for me.  I have about 1 or two of them a week.

One of the things that struck me though, when I go through the drive through and when I dine in, is the fact that their kitchen is always clean.  Not just tidy, but clean.  Aren’t all Greek places supposed to be nasty?  I have never been sick from eating at Bella’s and I hope that never changes.

Ok, I know this isn’t a worth-while review.. I didn’t describe the food, but c’mon.  I am in drive through 99% of the time.  I will say this about Bella’s.  They are generous with their coupons, and the food is always hot and fresh.  I think the anyone wanting a good Gyro at a reasonable price would do well with Bella’s.

Plusses: CLEAN!  Good Value! Nice staff!

Minuses: the double drive through, where you pay at one side and pick up your food on the other is a little confusing.

Overall Impression:  I like the place and I would recommend it to anyone.  The menu is limited, but if you do something well, do over extend yourself.  The staff is nice; they didn’t hire the normal fast food idiots and morons that seem to be multiplying around Omaha. Good job Bella’s.  Keep it up.

~The Omaha Critic


Posted By: The Omaha Critic
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